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An aircon chemical overhaul is a thorough cleaning and maintenance process for air conditioning units. It involves disassembling the unit and using specialized chemicals to clean various components such as the evaporator coil, condenser coil, blower fan, and drainage system. This process helps to remove dirt, dust, mold, and other contaminants that may have built up over time, which can improve the efficiency and performance of the air conditioner.

Price List

Unit Price
9 & 12K $150
18 & 24K $180

When Do You Need a Chemical Overhaul?

Reduced cooling efficiency: If you notice that your air conditioner is not cooling your space as effectively as it used to, it could be a sign that a chemical overhaul is needed to clean and optimize its components.

Uneven temperature distribution: If certain areas of your space are cooler or warmer than others when the air conditioner is running, it could indicate a need for a chemical overhaul to improve airflow and distribution.

Foul odors: Persistent foul smells emanating from the air conditioner while it’s operating can be a sign of mold or bacteria buildup within the unit, which can be addressed through a chemical overhaul.

Water leakage: If you observe water dripping or pooling around your air conditioner, it may indicate a clogged drainage system or other issues that can be resolved with a chemical overhaul.

Unusual noises: Strange noises such as rattling, grinding, or squealing coming from the air conditioner could signal the need for a chemical overhaul to address issues with the fan, compressor, or other components.

Lack of maintenance: If your air conditioner has not received regular maintenance or cleaning for an extended period, it’s likely accumulated dirt, dust, and other debris that can hinder its performance, necessitating a chemical overhaul to restore optimal functioning.

Visible dirt or mold buildup: If you can see dirt, dust, or mold accumulating on the air conditioner’s components, it’s a clear indication that a thorough cleaning, such as a chemical overhaul, is needed to remove these contaminants and prevent further damage.

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